Various research studies indicate that inactive kids become inactive adults and are more prone to illness in their later stages. That is why you need to encourage your kids to be more physically active from an early age.

Nowadays, kids are more engaged in electronic devices and technology with no interest in physical activity. As the kids’ progress in school, focus shifts more towards academic learning and maintaining an image in school rather than physical education.

Especially in India, kids and their parents give more importance to their grades and do not really push them towards being physically active.

It would be best to give equal importance to your kids’ health and fitness by making sure they engage in some physical activity. Zumba dance workout for kids is a fun and easy way to keep them active and fit.

Although schools have a designated period for physical education, it is unlikely that they would monitor every child’s participation level. Even if the kid participates in a physical education class, they often tend to do so half-heartedly and more out of mandate rather than interest. Easy Zumba dance for Kids is an option to keep your kids healthy and interested.

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What is Zumba?

Zumba is a combination of dance and workout, originated in Colombia. However, anyone who doesn’t know how to dance can also take to Zumba. It involves easy choreography that works wonders for your kid’s body. It helps in burning fat, improves flexibility and makes them strong. What’s great is they get to dance to music, on all the peppy numbers that they listen to.

Zumba dance for kids combines low and high-intensity workouts in tandem to keep the heart rate going; it also increases stamina. They just need to follow the steps taught by the Zumba trainers, which would mostly involve jumping, dancing, and moving around freely, which kids enjoy the most. The unique selling proposition of Zumba is having fun along with breaking sweat.

Why Zumba?

Zumba dance workout for kids is an emerging trend worldwide nowadays as it is fun and easy to adapt. Zumba is no longer limited to adults. It can be customised for kids for their all-round development. It has various benefits such as:

#1. Keeping your kid healthy and fit

#2. Making them strong and increasing their stamina

#3. Keeping them motivated to practice regularly

#4. Apt for beginners

#5. Easy to follow and engages the entire body

#6. Elevates the mood and helps relieve stress

#7. Teaches them about the right postures and helps with balance

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What do Research Say?

Research suggests that “Positive motivations to workout decline as the child grows older. If children are motivated by good reasons when they’re young, then they’ll remain active when they’re adults.”

Hence it is important to start early with a fun and easy way, which would keep them motivated to stay healthy.

It is possible that if the kid does not enjoy an activity, they will most likely make excuses to refrain from it. But easy Zumba dance for kids will most certainly keep them entertained and keep them fit.

The kind of routine followed by the kids from an early age usually shapes up their bodies for the future. Insufficient physical activity makes them vulnerable to various illnesses and disorders. Zumba helps in targeting different parts of our body and strengthens the core.

It targets legs, arms, core, glutes, almost the entire body. It helps kids feel confident in their skin, helps them focus and remain joyful. It is the best combination of physical education and fun.

How does Zumba Work?

Zumba dance workout for kids is customised as per the kid’s age, strength and requirements. It can be tailor-made for each student taking several factors into account. Kids above the age of 4 can easily participate in Zumba classes. It is generally a forty-five-minute to one-hour session provided by well-trained and certified Zumba teachers.

It involves fun and quick movements to keep the heart rate up. It makes the kids more energetic and active throughout the day.

Zumba starts at a slow note, which is mainly to warm up the kids. Then the intensity increases as it starts to work on their bodies. The intensity again drops towards the end, acting as a cool down. The songs are also chosen according to the pace of the exercise at every phase of the session. There will be intervals between songs so that you can catch your breath and get hydrated.

Who can Do It?

No expertise in dance is required for Zumba dance for kids. The steps are easy to follow and catchy so that every kid can easily learn. Basically, anyone can do Zumba. You do not need any special equipment or prop for it. You do not need any particular attire for it too; you can do it in your regular, comfortable clothes. A positive attitude and the willingness to have fun are all you need.

The variations in the exercise make it a creative way to keep your kids fit and healthy without getting bored. With Zumba, kids’ easy dance workout routine seems less like exercise and more like a play date. It does not have the repetitiveness or monotony of other physical exercises.

Aerobics Zumba dance for kids is one level up the Zumba dance workout for kids. It takes the routine one notch higher by bringing in aerobics steps. It increases the intensity at every level and suits older kids’ fitness needs. It focuses more on strengthening the legs along with other parts of the body.


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