Early Childhood Social Studies Activities: Best Fun Activities for Kids

Most of the students find social studies to be a boring subject. But studying and learning this subject at an early stage is pertinent to exploring oneself and the world. The subject helps in the overall development of values in kids. To make this subject more interesting for kids, educators and parents must involve kids in early childhood social studies activities. Here we have listed the best and fun-learning social studies activities for kids. 

It is beneficial for teachers and parents to teach kids social studies and make learning interesting through fun activities. These social studies activities for kids can be conducted at home and also in a classroom environment. 

Social Movies

What can be more fun for kids than learning through screen time? Many animated social movies, series, and videos are available for kids that will help them in better grasping the subject.

Social concepts can easily be understood with the help of videos in graphic form. The video format can help in easily understanding the different types of societies in a fun way. It makes social studies interesting for kids. 

Allow your kids to have access to movies and videos related to social activities. Students can watch it with their friends in their free time, playtime, or while taking study breaks. As guardians, you must fix the timings and duration of screen time to avoid any negative impact on your child’s health. 

Task Cards

Task cards are also among the top activities for social studies. The kids will have to perform the random social tasks, like greeting or thanking someone, as mentioned in the cards they pick.

Social studies is one of those subjects that is incomplete without having practical exposure. The more the kids will involve themselves in social activities, the more they will learn. Put some task cards in a bowl and ask kids to pick anyone randomly. As per the chosen card, children will then have to perform those social work. 

Use colourful task cards so that they will look beautiful and interesting to play. You can add both simple and complex tasks as per the learning stage. Simple tasks like greeting elders, hugging their friends, or keeping their belongings in place can be added to cards.

For junior high kids, helping the needy, doing simple household chores, etc., can be added. These activities can be performed in groups or individually with a guardian. 

Virtual Field Trips

One of the best ways to help kids learn about society and history is through field trips. And if that’s not possible, then virtual trips are also a recommended option. Different museums have virtual trip tours on their websites. Students can explore their digital collection and learn about the artefacts and relics by going through their field trips.

The field trips will also help kids in project-based learning. Virtual field trips will help students in researching history. Things seen during a virtual trip like an artefact, a pillar, or any relic of the past, will all count as experience and life-long learning. For example, if they see a painting of an Indian-American culture, it will amuse them to research about the tribe and the culture of different regions. 

DIY Paper-cutting Games

Many games can be prepared at home or in the classroom. These simple DIY paper-cutting games include fun activities like chart games, map games, puzzles, or fill-in-the-blanks games. Prepare cuttings of countries’ and cities’ names or community names, dressing style cuttings, etc., with paper. 

Ask students to join the cuttings in the right order, arrange them on a board, or place the cuttings at the right place. Several other games can be created out of cuttings and will be an interesting group activity for kids. Paper cuttings can be kept for a long time and can be reused.

Prepare these easy, fun games out of papers, charts, cardboards, and foams. These DIY games will help kids memorise maps, regions, culture, occupation, traditions, etc., and also stimulate their creative side.

Explain the Meaning

So, what is social studies for kids? Social sciences help in enhancing the characteristics and attitudes of kids towards society. These social skills aid in identifying prior viewpoints and values. In this activity, students need to respond to a statement and explain their viewpoints.

For example, parents can show a random picture to kids and ask for their opinions. You can also give them different options and ask them to select one according to what they understand by looking at the picture. Whatever kids speak about the picture will help parents gauge their beliefs and understanding about society. 

Treasure Hunt

With a treasure hunt, you can create a team of 15 or more students who have to find the answers to a set of questions. Give questions to students with hidden answers in a room, and kids can freely walk around the class and find answers to the questions by exploring. Whichever team answers more of the questions will be rewarded in the end. 

Some rules can also be pre-decided like students can ask only one question to each person. The questions that remain unanswered can be answered in the end by the teacher or whoever conducts the activity. This activity can be played as a game at kids’ birthday parties or in small get-togethers to utilise the time perfectly. It will help kids communicate with different people and improve their social skills. 

If you are wondering how do I teach social studies for kids, get started with these activities today. Performing and participating in these social activities will help kids gradually learn and understand the concepts of the social world. Social study is an important subject for the personal and social development of a child.

Taking an integrated approach for teaching and making students aware of this subject is crucial. The right teaching approach should be used to help kids in learning the subject concepts. 

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