Being a parent, we want to see our kids’ cognitive abilities quickly developing in their initial years. Since children develop their skills by observing and interacting, we must indulge in brain-boosting exercises that help in contributing to their cognitive development.

The purpose of the brain-boosting exercise for kids is to make your kid remember the topic that is being taught. Brain-boosting exercises can be both physical and mental. These activities help improve academic performance and provide for an energy outlet. Simple brain-boosting exercises can be helpful for your kid to stay sharp, become smarter and perform better at their school or home.

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Kids learn faster with regular practice of brain-boosting exercises. It allows them to improve their ability to perform a specific task and also impacts their brain on multiple fronts. There are varieties of brain-boosting exercises and activities to keep them thinking and entertained at the same time. This exercise boosts brainpower and also helps in the healthy development of the child’s body.

Exercise Boosts Your Brain Function

How Exercise Boosts Your Brain Function?

These intelligent mind games help develop various skills like analytical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. Up to the age of five 90 percent of the brain develops, so mental exercises build cognitive skills in kids. However, it is seen that children learn faster through play and practice, and this learning needs to be encouraged beyond school. As exercise keeps the body fit, regular brain-boosting exercises help to increase brainpower.

Concentration Games

Brain activity is stimulated  in the child by playing different kinds of game:

#. Concentration Games 

Concentration games help to increase the focus of the children to memorise the names of the objects efficiently. In this game, put toys or playing objects in front of the child and give him 30 seconds to remember them all. It will be a great challenge to remember the name of toys or objects within a short time.

#. Memory Games 

Memory Games play a vital role in improving a child’s concentration and the ability to think quickly. These memory games help in training visual memory and increase attention in children.  Several memory games use the same basic principle for training the child’s brain. Some of the best memory games for kids are matching games, chess, memory tests, etc. These memory games help increase brain power efficiently and effectively.

#. Physical Games 

Some physical activities and games are popular among kids for learning and brain-boosting. Physical games like hide and seek, hunts, playing balls, racing, etc., helps to keep the child’s brain sharp.  These games are subconsciously allowing children to follow instructions.

These games help to improve attention and self-control. Several games help the children to encourage logical reasoning and also help to improve problem-solving abilities to think differently. These games help the children at a young age to adapt and find new approaches towards solving problems.

#. Puzzles

Puzzles inculcate soft skills among children like problem-solving, creativity, logical reasoning, coordination and spatial perception. Puzzles help children indirectly to develop life skills that help them in practical situations. Puzzles like a jigsaw, crosswords, Sudoku, scrabble, puzzles, brain vita, etc., are a few popular brain-boosting exercises. Solving math puzzles also develops cognitive abilities and critical thinking.

#. Bilingual Games 

Learning one more language other than the mother tongue helps to develop the brain of children efficiently. Researchers are pronouncing that multilingual children are good at learning and do better than other children. This also helps in increasing memory power.

#. Musical Games 

Research has also shown that kids who learn music through games are smarter than kids who don’t. Music boosts brain activity, concentration and cognitive skills. It helps raise the IQ of a child.

Brain gym exercise stimulates brain activity and helps attain perfect mind-body coordination. Parents are worried about how exercise boosts your brain function? These exercises contain certain movements which help the inadequate growth of the child’s brain.

Benefits of Brain-Boosting Exercise for Kids

Boosts Child Self-Esteem and Increase Confidence

#1. The Child gets Sharper and Smarter 

This brain-boosting exercise helps to get your child sharper and smarter by using creative, analytical thinking. Due to such exercise, the child’s memory also sharpens, and they learn faster than other kids.

#2. Boosts Child Self-Esteem and Increase Confidence 

Brain-boosting exercises boost a child’s self-esteem and also increase their confidence level. Due to such puzzle games, creativity, analytical skills, organisational skills, coordination and concentration.

#3. Improves Eyesight 

These games also improve the eyesight of children. These games help boost the physical growth of children effectively. Adequate growth will help the child to be active and learn new things.

#4. Increases Creativity

These brain-boosting games help in increasing creativity among children. In addition to creativity, coordination and self-reliance develop in the children at a very early age.

#5. Boosts Communication Skills

This brain-boosting exercise develops better communication skills and also develops story-telling techniques to present ideas effectively. Researchers have seen that better communication skills help children to prosper easily and develop leadership qualities. Story-telling improves brain development compared to reading a picture book or listening to a story.


Therefore, it is evident that any brain-boosting exercise for kids helps to develop children’s language, vocabulary and confidence. Brain-boosting games are not only entertaining but also improve concentration, enhance functionality, focus and attention. Math games also develop numerical skills in children and remove the fear of mathematics.

So we conclude here by saying that any exercise to increase brain power is necessary for making the child a better person rather than making him a machine in traditional methods. The above games and benefits show that brain-boosting games play a vital role in your child’s brain development.  Therefore, the Real School has come up with the idea of improving the basics of children and imparting them the best education for their better future. The Real School concentrates on building a strong foundation of knowledge for kids rather than teaching them through the traditional teaching methods. Their brain-boosting activities are stimulating and fascinating, which tickles a child’s intellectual curiosity and leads them to higher academic pursuits.

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