Since the internet is a reliable secondary source for most kids’ education these days, putting them through quizzes is a great way to boost their knowledge.

best sites for kids quiz

But which online portal should you choose for the quiz? Will the portal be easy or tough to use? Will it be ad-free so nothing unnecessary is distracting the child?

We will discuss some points for choosing the best quiz portal for your child and list down some of the online portals through this article.

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Why Choose an Online Quiz Portal?

As mentioned above, the world is getting online, and post-pandemic, most of the education is through online mediums. To make the best use of these online mediums, parents can indulge their children in some productive activities like online quizzes which can be a fun brain stimulator.

Taking quizzes regularly helps children be productive and enhance their critical thinking ability. It also helps in the cognitive development of children.

Best portals for kids quiz

Inculcating this habit of critical thinking from the start can be easily done for the kids if we put a pinch of excitement through quizzes at a young age. And what better than an online quiz portal where they can directly login and take questions to compete with thousands of others?!

List of Online Quiz Portal

Let us see some of the best online portals for the kids to take up the quiz based on their age group.

1.  The Real School 

If you are willing to teach something tough to the kids, make it playful. The best teachers and parents can do is put their children into a fun activity to make them learn and play. The Real School focuses on such ideas through fun activities like quizzes, games, and discussions.

Real school logo

The general knowledge of kids can be enhanced through quizzes which lets the kids learn something unexpected. The best part about quizzes is the wide range of questions that the kid has to face in the sense of surprise. The Real School understands the concept and uses exactly the same technique to assess the children similarly.

The most prominent benefits of choosing the real school quiz include –

# An interactive user interface which keeps the users engaged.

# Questions are competitive, which encourages kids to learn better.

# 10000+ types of questions in the quiz.

# Explaining the core concepts in a fun manner for better retention of information.

# Moderate questioning practice helps concrete the concepts in a kid’s mind.


2. Kids National Geographic

National Geography is an old channel and famous for its content on animals and wildlife. Their knowledge of Wildlife is extreme.

GK learning portals for kids

When such a channel launches a quiz channel for kids, it is worth every penny. Still, there are many pros to choose the National Geographic quiz for kids. Some of the major benefits of using the site are:

# Interactive User Interface, which keeps children attached to the website and quiz

# Pictorial representation of the subject in every question

# Single page questions

# The abundance of questions from various sections

The website has more than 1000 fascinating quiz questions with the latest and popular topics. Packed with lots of fantastic photos and designs, kids can learn while playing on the site.

3.  The Learning Apps

Learning Apps is a dedicated educational app for students. The institution focuses on helping students and teachers by providing apps to make learning easy.

Their apps are fun to use and carry an interactive user interface. They use animal sounds based on names, animated alphabet and numbers to ease complicated subjects like maths and science.

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Sites for leaning GK for kids

If any parent has children from different age groups, they can purchase bundled memberships that can be cheaper and more efficient.

# A great user interface keeps the children and other users engaged

# More than 1000 questions and a lot more subjects to play quiz

# Different levels of questions for different age groups

# Offers a combination of fun and learning, which are tested via trivia games

4.  Education World

The website offers a knowledgeable quiz mixed with fun for keeping the kid engaged and focused simultaneously. It has fascinating animation and graphics that can keep the child’s attention without distractions.

The site covers most educational content, and the parents can choose from any of the subjects they want to stress more on for their child’s skill improvement.

It helps in building a competing nature in kids. There are no limitations to the number of plays. Some other benefits of the quiz include –

# Fun and educational content

# Allows to explore and build confidence

# Supported and accredited by Trivia games for kids

# Quizzes are available for all age groups, even toddlers

# Focuses on subjects like Maths, Science, and Physics.

5.  Zoylu

Zoylu is the ultimate tool for learning money management for kids. It has a collection of maths, science, history, and many more subject quizzes, which helps in the mental growth of a child.

Zoylu even provides exclusive gift offers for the clients to keep them motivated to study and answer. It offers fun and easy ways to gain general knowledge. It has interesting pictures depicting the questions, discussion on projects, etc. to increase the child’s social skills. The most important points about Zoylu are –

# They offer gifts and coupons to keep kids engaged

# Questions on Money management

# It makes the kid interact and socialise with the family as part of the task.


Quizzes can work miracles if taught to children from a very young age. It enhances the general knowledge of the child and builds a sense of competitiveness, which is good to a certain extent. It fosters a wish to do better. At Real School, we build an environment where kids are challenged to deal with real-world problems. Our quizzes are regularly updated based on current affairs. Our experts and mentors in the field are always present to provide the necessary guidance through one-on-one mentoring sessions. Join us today by taking a free trial session!


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