Benefits of Coding for Students: Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

The introduction of AI has revolutionized a wide range of industries. From education to food processing, every enterprise is shifting towards digitalization. It has created an enormous demand for coding and robotics-related jobs. However, the supply of candidates eligible for the job is astonishingly less. Thus, as a parent, it is vital for you to understand the benefits of coding for students.

According to a report by Gartner in 2019, the use of artificial intelligence in various enterprises has increased by 270%. It has fueled the already existing demand-supply gap of people with coding abilities. So it is high time to keep your kid prepared for future jobs by providing them with skills like coding for kids. For that, first, you need to understand why kids should learn to code?

So, to understand this, begin with learning what is coding. This article will help you in understanding coding and learning coding benefits.

What is Coding For Kids?

When you want to communicate with a toddler, you need to talk in their language. For example, most toddlers use the word ‘mum’ when they are thirsty. If you say water in front of them they might not understand you or if you are not aware of their language, you might fail to get their signals.

Computers work in a similar pattern. They have codes or words for different words. If you use the language of this world, the computer will fail to understand. Thus, to communicate with it, there are particular languages. Coders know and understand that language. They code a sentence or a problem in that language on the computer. This process is popularly known as coding.

With the increasing demand for computer-related stuff, requirements for coders have also risen. Artificial intelligence ( a vital part of coding ) has already replaced a huge proportion of jobs and the counting still goes on. By 2030, AI is supposed to replace almost one-third of the total jobs in the US. All these data reveal the growing demand for coding.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized every industry. However, some industries have adopted it to a larger extent. They are:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Business Intelligent
  • Supply chain management
  • Construction
  • Retail

All these fields are using artificial intelligence to get their work done efficiently and economically. It creates a large demand for people with the ability to communicate with computers. So, by now you might have got a hint of why should kids learn to code? Here are some more facts that signify the importance of coding.

Facts Related to Benefits of Coding For Students

The following data represents the increase in demand for each computer-related job between 2015 to 2019.

  • Machine learning engineer: The demand for the skill to interact with a computer through computer language has increased by 344% approximately.
  • Robotics engineer: Later in this article, you will understand the importance of robotics. The demand for people who can process and assemble robots has increased by 128% approximately.
  • Computer vision engineer: The demand for the post has increased by approximately 116%.
  • Data Scientists: The demand in the research field has also grown tremendously. The percentage growth is approximately 78%.

The thing to understand about coding is, it will help your kids even if they are not interested in pursuing anything related to coding or computers. This statement might confuse you but it is true. You will learn more about it through the next section.

Learning Coding Benefits

Earlier it was supposed that only people who want to become engineers or data scientists should learn to code. But today, Coding is considered a basic life skill. It contributes to the overall kid’s development process. Some reasons to encourage kids to learn coding are:

1. Coding is Everywhere

You are living in a world where everything revolves around the tech industry. This implies the significance of coding as a job skill. From your encouragement to learn coding, they will get the confidence to succeed in various fields.

2. Coding Prepares Them for the Future

To prepare your kids for the uncertainty of the future, coding is an essential skill. If your kids will understand the basics, it will be easier to grab the complicated parts of coding in the future. Also, regardless of the career they choose, coding will help them to fight and overcome tough situations in life.

3. Develops Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and problem-solving are two of the most vital skills to acquire future opportunities. Coding develops logical thinking along with reasoning power. Thus, developing critical thinking in kids. Coding is based on solving problems. Hence they learn to deal with real-life problems, stimulating their mental quotient.

4. Coding Improves Academic Performance

Many parents think that including coding in kids’ education will distract them from their academic lessons. However, it is important to note that through coding kids learn to plan, focus, and organize a particular project. They will imply the same strategy in their academics. Thus, their academic results will also show a positive graph.

The infinite benefits of coding for students represent its importance in modern times. Including it in your kids’ development process will assure a better future for them.

There are other fields that are closely connected to coding and are equally vital. One of them is Robotics for kids. Knowing about it will help you to understand the importance of coding in a better way.

Robotics for kids

The practical application of coding gives robotics. However, in the early stage, kids learn to arrange the electronic components of robots rather than coding them. Robotics is a broad field that includes mechanical. Electrical as well as mathematical skills. For the little buds, robotics only includes electrical skills. They learn lessons in school that the positive terminal of the battery is to be connected to the negative terminal. But while assembling robots they gain practical experience. It helps them to learn and acquire it quickly.

STEM learning from an early age will develop their interest in it. Once they will be able to learn and understand coding, they might start making robots. The Artificial intelligence-affiliated system will soon take over most jobs and hence coding is now a vital skill to learn. With the collaboration of communication skills, coding, and robotics kids will shape a bright future for themselves.

Now, there are various platforms like the Real School Of Montessori that focus on the overall mental activity of kids. They provide various programs which will help kids in their future workplaces regardless of their jobs. The next section deals with some of those programs.

Vital Courses For Kids Overall Development

In the modern world, theoretical knowledge is not enough. You should learn its practical application to compete with the growing world. These three courses significantly contribute in it:

  • Computer coding for kids
  • Robotics for kids
  • Communication for kids

Learning these skills could be boring for some of the kids. But with fun activities, they enjoy solving coding problems and learn various skills alongside. These courses remain with kids throughout their life-supporting them in their careers to a large extent.

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