Learning basic geography for kids is a crucial part of their education. It focuses on relations with their environments and how to interact with them. Besides the physical properties of the Earth’s surface, this subject also includes the human cultures living across it.

Similarly, it displays human culture’s interaction with the natural world as well as how places and places can affect us. In a nutshell, geography is the science of discovering where and why things are found, as well as their evolution.

Let’s look at the two basic types of geography studied commonly.

Physical Geography

physical geography for kids definition

The study of physical geography includes seasons, climates, atmospheric conditions, soils, streams, landforms, and oceans. The branches of physical geography include geomorphology, glaciology, pedology, hydrology, climatology, biogeography, and oceanography.

Human Geography

Human geography is a field of study concerned with the patterns and relations of human populations and cultures on Earth’s surface.

Why is Basic Geography for Kids Important?


From an academic standpoint, geography offers the opportunity to study many different subjects.  A geography class lets your child explore science, history, religion, etc. This allows your child to play to his or her strengths while also getting new experiences.

In addition, geography teaches them about different places on earth and how they are related. Usually, they start with learning about their home community, city, state, country, region, continent, and so on as they gain more experience. Furthermore, geography enables them to get a better grasp of international issues, cultural issues, and environmental issues. Students learn how to read maps and interpret local and global information, as well as how international networks work.

Therefore, teaching them is very important, and one of the best ways to instil knowledge in their minds is by introducing geography quizzes for kids. Read this article till the end to get some interesting geography quiz questions and answers for kids to test their little one’s knowledge!

Geography Quiz for Kids with Answers

Geography Quiz for Kids with Answers

We have listed some easy questions you can begin with.

Q1. World’s largest country: Which is it?

Answer: Russia

Q2. Which latitude lies at the centre of the planet?

Answer: Equator

Q3. Names of the world’s five oceans?

Answer: Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

Q4. The highest population: which country?

Answer: China

Q5. The longest river in the world: Name?

Answer: The Nile, Africa

Q6. The largest waterfall in the world: Name?

Answer: Victoria Falls

Q7. From largest to smallest, what are the seven continents in the world?

Answer: Asia


North America

South America




Q8. The North Pole or the South Pole: Which is colder?

Answer: The South Pole

Q9. Nearest to the Earth: Which planet?

Answer: Venus

Q10. Biggest ocean on Earth: Name?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean

Q11.  How many states make up the United States?

Answer: 50

Q12. The largest waterfall in the world: Name?

Answer: Victoria Falls

Q13. The biggest desert in the world: Name?

Answer: Sahara Desert

Q14. The hottest continent on Earth: Name?

Answer: Africa

Q15. The highest mountain in the world: Name?

Answer: Mount Everest

Q16. The coldest place on Earth: Name?

Answer: Antarctica

Q17. In what city does the American state of Arizona have its capital?

Answer: Phoenix

Q18. Alaska is the largest state in the US True or false?

Answer: True

More Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Geography Quiz Questions and Answers 

You can ask these questions to children studying in a middle or secondary school as the level of these questions are a bit high.

Q1. According to legend, the Egyptian Sphinx was based on what animal?

Answer: Lion

Q2. What is the number of federal states in Germany?

Answer: 16

Q3. The capital of Denmark: Name?

Answer: Copenhagen

Q4. The wind speed is measured by which device?

Answer: Anemometer

Q5. In which country are the most islands found?

Answer: The country with the most islands in the world is Sweden (221,800).

Q6. Besides China, which country has the second-highest population in the world?

Answer: India

Q7. Which currency is used in Malaysia?

Answer: Malaysian Ringgit

Q8. Which African nation has Addis Ababa as its capital city?

Answer: Ethiopia

Q9. Singapore uses what currency?

Answer: Singapore Dollar

Q10. Can you find and name all seven African countries that start with the letter M?

Answer: Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania,

Q11. Which ocean separates Africa from Australia and Asia from the south?

Answer: Indian Ocean

Q12. Mecca and Medina are holy cities. In which country are they located?

Answer: Saudi Arabia

Q13. Among all the countries, which has the most borders?

Answer: China

Q14. Which country has the longest sea-crossing?

Answer: Hong Kong to Macau in China (55km)

Q15. In terms of length, what is the longest country in the world?

Answer: Chile ( It is 2,647 miles long and spreads through 38 degrees of latitude)

Q16. Are there any countries that share open borders?

Answer: New Zealand and Australia

Q17. What is the country where the Nile meets the sea?

Answer: Egypt

Q18. Which Asian river is the longest?

Answer: River Yangtze

Q19. Malaysia’s capital city is located where?

Answer: Kuala Lumpur

Q20. What are the only two countries that share a land border with the US?

Answer: Canada and Mexico

Q21. What major ocean surrounds the continent of Africa?

Answer: The South Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Q22. Approximately what proportion of Earth’s surface is covered by water compared to land?

Answer:  71-29

Q23. In Europe, which river is the longest?

Answer: Volga

Q24. In what place on Earth can you live the happiest?

Answer: Finland

Q25. What day is celebrated as World Earth Day?

Answer: April 22

Q26. Spain’s capital city is what?

Answer: Madrid

Q27. What is the longest US coastline after Alaska?

Answer: Florida

Some Indian Geography Quiz for Kids

Indian Geography Quiz for Kids

Q1. The Indo-Australian Plate spans which area of India.

Answer: Northern

Q2. What is the lowest point in India?

Answer: Kuttanad

Q3. The earthquake zoning map of India divides India into how many seismic zones?

Answer: 4

Q4. The Brahmaputra river passes through which Indian state except for Assam?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Q5. India’s only state with a shared border with Sikkim is?

Answer: West Bengal

Q6. According to the Indian climate, the western disturbances originate from which sea?

Answer: Arabian Sea

 Q7. Nanga Parbat is located in which of the following states?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

 Q8. Which of the following are the southernmost hills in India?

Answer: Cardamom hills

 Q9. The coal reserves of India are primarily located where?

Answer: Damodar valley

 Q10. Between India and Sri Lanka, which of the Indian islands is located?

Answer: Rameshwaram

 Q11. What is the first state to experience monsoons?

Answer: Kerala

Q12. In the group of Lakshadweep islands, how many islands are there?

Answer: 36

Q13. Which of the areas of India does not fall into the area of high seismic activity?

Answer: Karnataka Plateau

Q14. Between which mountain range of the Himalayas the Kashmir valley lies?

Answer: The Zanskars and Pir Panjals

 Q15. Where does the Indravati flow into?

Answer: Godavari

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