Maathangi Iyer

Classrooms are getting transformed, teachers are being empowered. Maathangi wants to be a part of this transformational Journey. Passionate about education and Loves writing.

6 stories by Maathangi Iyer

Students Learning Journey with Real School

When Kejal asked her mom “ What is it like you do not like the most in the kitchen”,...

Aug 5 · 7 min read >

The missing link in your child’s education is the elusive “special educator!

In an exam for the question “Who developed the system of naming & classifying organisms?”, one of the students...

Jul 30 · 5 min read >

Real School approach to Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Background on Project-Based Learning A patient goes to the doctor with a headache. The doctor based on his years...

Jul 30 · 4 min read >

Problem Curriculum and a Special Educator: The perfect Symphony

Teacher “ Turn to Page 54.” Today’s topic is about Determination of boiling point of an organic compound. Once...

Jul 23 · 4 min read >

Are we setting up students for failure?

The bell rings, the child stops writing the poem midway. Puts the English textbook inside. Takes the notebook for...

Jul 10 · 15 min read >