Our space is astonishing. The sheer enormity, along with trillions of objects, millions of beautiful galaxies and zillions of stars as well as planets in this universe, is truly mesmerizing. This universe is wrapped in magic, mystery, and lots of interesting facts. In this article, we have listed some of the incredible and unbelievably amazing facts about space. Whether you want to increase your kids’ knowledge base or explore space yourself, this post is for you.

Mars can be the Next Planet with Life

Mars can be the Next Planet with Life 

Back in 1986, NASA found a rock that they assumed to be a fossil of living beings. This led to the conclusion that there could be life on the planet Mars.

NASA found Tire Tracks on the Surface of Moon

Moon doesn’t have any kind of atmosphere, weather, or wind. This means that once the tracks are left behind on the moon’s surface, they will stay forever. To prove this fact, NASA sent the images of tire tracks of 5 Apollo landing crafts.

Sun is 3,00,000 Times the Size of Earth

Sun is 3,00,000 Times the Size of Earth 

Don’t be surprised if we say that it will take nearly a million Earths to make one Sun! That’s true. Know that the sun is exactly 14.9 billion kilometres away from earth. Another shocking and rather scary fact is, it is forecasted that the sun will end up consuming the Earth one day!

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Laika was the First and Only Dog to Enter Space

Can you believe a dog has gone to space?

A Russian satellite launched the first-ever man-made object to enter space. In 1957, 3rd November, to be precise, Sputnik-2 was launched with a homeless female dog Laika in it. So, Laika is the first dog who entered the space. Sadly, the dog died on reaching orbit, and the satellite never made it back to Earth.

Black Holes can Turn You into Spaghetti

Black Holes can Turn You into Spaghetti 

Do you love eating spaghetti? If so, then we have a shocking fact for you.

If you end up landing inside a black hole, it will turn you into spaghetti! That’s absolutely true, and this phenomenon is known as spaghettification or noodle effect. In simple words, you’ll be churned out by the extreme gravitational forces, meaning it is impossible to survive after landing in a black hole.

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Do You Know why the Moon follows Us?

Ever wondered why the moon keeps following us wherever we go? Why does it glow so beautifully? Here is one of the most interesting facts about space:

When the Sun’s rays hit the Moon’s surface, they bounce back and then reflect on the Earth. When this happens, the moon seems as if it is glowing. What’s more interesting is the fact that all of this happens within 1.25 seconds!

Now let’s talk about why the moon follows us wherever we go. So, when we are walking or moving along, in a car, for example, our brain automatically starts comparing the moon’s distance to the foreground we’re leaving past us.

The fact is, we can’t see the changing angles of the moon, which means we can’t differentiate it from the sides, back or front. Also, it is very far from us, so it looks like it is placed on a single spot, when in reality, it is continuously revolving around the earth. For this reason, it seems like it is following us.

Day and Night are Caused by Rotation of Earth

Like any other planet in the solar system, the earth rotates about a fixed axis while orbiting the Sun. It takes exactly 24 hours to complete one rotation, and this is the reason why one day equals 24 hours!

Further, night and day occur depending on the side of the earth facing the sun. The side of the Earth that faces the sun experiences day, while the other side that is away from the sun experience nighttime.

Moon has Flaws

Moon has Flaws 

You might have heard people comparing things and other people to the flawless beauty of the moon. Isn’t it?

But the reality is, the moon isn’t flawless. It is full of scars and uneven surfaces. But why and how?

Here’s the answer :

For about 4.5 billion years, both the earth and the Moon have been hit by giant meteors and asteroids uncountable times. This is the reason why they have all the scars and bumps.

But again, when the earth has also been hit by meteors and asteroids multiple times, why isn’t it as bumpy and full of scars as the moon? This is because the earth has an atmosphere, and phenomena like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and soil erosions erase all those impacts. On the other hand, the moon has no such climatic phenomenon occurring on its surface, so whatever happens, remains there forever!

There are only Eight Planets and not Nine

Are you confused regarding the total number of planets in the solar system? Are there eight planets or nine?

Earlier, Pluto was named among the planets of the solar system. However, later, it was realised Pluto was too small to be considered a planet. Hence, it was removed from the list of planets. But where did Pluto go? It is still there and named as a “dwarf planet.” The next time someone asks about the total number of planets in the solar system, tell them this short story!

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We only Know about 4% of the Universe

We only Know about 4% of the Universe 

No one on this earth can unfold the mysteries of the universe. About 96% of it is still undiscovered, which means what people, including the biggest scientists, know about the universe, is just a tiny or negligible part of it! If this doesn’t make you go wow, then what else will!

Stars are Shiny Balls of Gases

Those twinkling stars we admire from the surface of the earth are giant luminous balls filled with hot gases. These gases are mostly helium and hydrogen. They are held in space due to gravity and glow from there. Also, the average lifespan of stars is billions of years.

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There is a Clone of Our Planet Earth

There is a Clone of Our Planet Earth 

Yes, That’s true! Sedna is the name of the clone we are talking about here. It is an asteroid that shares the same physical appearance as the earth. However, it is not considered a planet because of its small size. It is again in the category of dwarf planets.


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