Children are always excited about one or the other thing and they have a tendency to be fast learners because of which they grasp everything super easy and are always observant about their surroundings. Therefore, don’t you think, it is our responsibility as parents and teachers to them that we should make use of their enthusiasm for something amazing that can further help them in life.

As our world is transforming more towards the point where people are making the most use of technology, don’t you think it is our turn to make use of it and help our kids to achieve something extraordinary in their life? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s just move ahead to know how and what can be done for the same.

And with this, let’s just introduce our kids to the basics of the Abacus. But before that, do you know what is Abacus? It’s really that important to understand because kids ask questions about each and everything in life. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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What is Abacus?

Abacus – this word has been derived from the Latin word “abax” which means a flat surface and table. Abacus is a wooden framed object with some strings of plastic and some wooden beads in it which are used for calculation.

Also known as the Counting frame, is a tool that has been in use for centuries now and it is used for making calculation more fun, interesting, and easy for them. Since ancient times, humans have made use of abacus tools for making calculation easier and fun & now it’s our turn to make the most out of it and help our kids understand this so that they can get benefited from it in the future.

Abacus for Kids

Abacus is extremely essential for kids, it can help them through a lot of things in life. But oftentimes, we have seen that many parents are surrounded with this same question and that is – “Is Abacus good for kids?”

And that can be learned with the help of knowledge about their advantages. So, before moving any further, let’s just learn some of the benefits of the abacus for kids:

Benefits of Abacus

#1. It helps the kids and all the other individuals who practice this – to develop a strong memory.

#2. It helps in the perfect functioning of some of the motor skills of the brain, which further enhances the different parts of the brain.

#3. It helps in increasing the confidence of your child, now they can easily and confidently answer those maths questions which they were extremely afraid of, before.

#4. It helps in saving a lot of time as now students can do even the extremely big calculations, be it multiplication, subtraction, division, or addition, all of these can be carried out on fingers and that too within seconds.

Now, let’s move forward to know some information on the best abacus classes available nearby.

abacus for kids

Abacus Classes for Kids

Given below are some of the best abacus classes available at your doorstep:

#1. Smart Kid Abacus Learning

These abacus classes provide students with the best knowledge available. They are fully committed and passionate about providing the best “Abacus” experience to kids at the comfort of their homes.

#2. Online Abacus Maths Training

This coaching class centre provides its students with the best classes at affordable prices and with the help of some of their amazing certified teachers. Students are provided with the individual attention that is needed for their excellent results.

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#3. The Real School Of Montessori

At The Real School Of Montessori, children are provided with the best opportunities so far. They provide their coaching classes to students through the online mode of teaching and students are taught with some of the best and top class teachers that are made available for all the students at the comfort of their homes.

If you haven’t tried taking their classes, what are you waiting for? Just enrol your kid in these classes to have the experience of a lifetime. Kids are taught with the help of the best teachers from all over the country and they make sure that there is never any problem or difficulty in the kids’ classes.

Students are provided with one-on-one sessions with their mentors where all their doubts are clarified and even after that if there are any doubts or problems, special lectures are provided to help them with their course.

Now that we have known almost everything about Abacus and things related to it, let’s learn how learning abacus helps the kids?

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How does Abacus Learning Help the Students?

Abacus learning for kids can be beneficial for them in many ways. It can not only help them with the basic calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, or division, but along with this, it also helps in the effective counting of decimal points as well as negative numbers.


All children love learning new things so why not make use of it and introduce them to something that will further help them in growing later in life. These skills that they acquire at such a young age can help them further in their life in making the most difficult concepts easier for them. So, why not introduce them to these things. These can help them in becoming more confident, innovative, as well as creative.

Hopefully, this information must have helped you a lot in knowing about Abacus and clearing all your basics about it. And by now, you must have understood a lot about it and all your doubts must have been cleared.

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