5 Minutes Crafts for Kids: How Your Kid can Use Their Time While Being Creative

Kids get a lot of free time on holidays, weekends, and vacations. They waste that time by playing video games, watching cartoons, or sleeping. It might irritate you sometimes but you fail to do something.

However, if you have a list of 5 minutes crafts for kids, things will become easy for you and your kids. Here are some craft ideas to help you.

Easy Crafts for Kids

Easy crafts to do at home hold a vital place in a kid’s life. They provide two-way benefits. First, they prevent kids from spending time on unnecessary things. Secondly, these craft ideas are one of the most effective ways for kids to learn. It develops cognitive skills, gross motor skills, and problem-solving abilities among others.

So, let your kid use their creativity and make amazing crafts.

1. Hand Made Tie

Let your kids make a beautifully crafted tie and give it to their father. It works as an incredible Father’s Day gift, that he can flex on fun days. The best part is the materials required are easy to find at home. So you do not need to visit the stationery shop.

Materials Required

A white coloured tie ( An old tie with a light shade will also work )



Fabric Crayons

So these are the materials. You might also notice that you are using old cloth which might have gone to waste otherwise.

Steps to Make Hand Made Tie

  1. The first step involves inscribing the fabric crayons on white paper. Kids can either draw according to a particular shape or if they are not good at drawing, they can colour the paper randomly. Your kid will enjoy this step a lot. But you need to stay attentive throughout. Make sure your kid presses the crayons hard on the paper. It will ensure that when you iron that paper on the tie, the colours do not fade away. Rather they are vibrant and bright.
  2. Then when you are done with colouring the white paper, cut it into strips that cover the whole tie or you can also cut it in the shape of a tie.
  3. Then place the paper on the tie and keep the iron on it. Leave the iron for a few minutes or as instructed on the box of fabric crayons. Make sure you do not leave any place colourless on the tie.
  4. Leave it for 5 minutes after ironing. Now the tie is ready for use.

Precautions to Take

  1. Read the instructions carefully written on the fabric crayons before using them so that you do know the correct way and time to place the iron on the tie.
  2. Do not let your kid perform the step that includes ironing. They might get hurt.

Fathers love when their kids do something for them. They always like to flatter the things that their kids make for them. So, this handmade tie will make their day. This activity develops gross motor skills and creativity in kids.

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2. Flower Hair Accessories

If your kid has various hair accessories ( Like hair bands, clips, rubber bands, etc.) that now look old-fashioned or they just do not like to wear them anymore, then why not make a little effort and give them an entirely new look. This is one of the coolest easy crafts for kids. Also, the materials depend on you. That means you need some basic materials but beyond that, you can pick materials of your own choice.

Materials Required

Hair Accessories ( Clips, bands, rubbers)

Artificial flowers ( You can also pick glitters, pearls, small beads, etc)

Glue gun ( You can also use materials with similar properties)

So, these are the materials where the first two depend on your preferences and the last one is compulsory. Now the time is to make new accessories.

Steps to Complete This Easy Crafts to do at Home

  1. First of all decide the accessory you want to change, say clips. You can take an artificial red, white, or yellow rose.
  2. Then pour the required amount of glue at the bottom of the clip.
  3. Then place the flower above the glue.
  4. Wait for some time, until the flower completely sticks to it.

There you go. You successfully changed the entire look of your black clip. Kids can wear this clip with any traditional or western dress at an event. Also, you can sprinkle glitter over the flower to enhance the look. You can make a pack of flowers and stick them on your old and plain hairbands in a similar way.

Precautions to Take

  1. Make sure you do the step with the glue gun carefully. Try to avoid any contact with the skin. It is better that you handle that step yourself instead of giving it to your kid.
  2. Do not pour lots of glue. Otherwise, the flower may not stick. It might also take a long time to dry.
  3. While sprinkling the glitter, try to keep it minimum. Extra glitter may damage the look of flowers.

This activity will test your kid’s creativity. Let them create their craft ideas to make hair accessories. You can act as a helper but do not order them constantly. Let them independently work on it.

3. Bubble Magic

Who does not remember buying bubble wands while returning from a fare, then playing with it until either the soap solution ends or the bubble wand suddenly disappears in a place no one knows. Your kid might also love them. So, why not make them a new homemade bubble magic wand and solution.

Materials Required


Liquid Soap ( ones that are safe for kids)

Masking tape

So with only these three materials, you can make these 5 minutes crafts for kids. They will love to play with bubbles.

Steps for This Easy Crafts for Kids

  1. Hold the straws in a bunch and stick them together with masking tape. If you do not have one, you can also use a rubber band. In case there are many kids. But you have a limited number of straws, then cut the bunch in pieces to make a wand for everyone.
  2. To your surprise, the bubble wand is ready. Now you only need to make the bubble solution.
  3. For that, take a small bottle or a jar. Fill it one-fourth with water.
  4. Then pour the liquid soap into that jar.

Your solution is ready. Just let your kids blow at one end and enjoy the bubble coming out of the other end.

So, these were some fun 5 minutes crafts for kids.

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When kids get bored, they need something to enjoy. They usually ask their parents but, if you fail to give them options, they get disappointed. These craft ideas can save you at that time. Also, most of them contribute to kids learning. So, it is a win-win situation for you and your kids.

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