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With the great Indian parenting dream comes a big burden of education that ought to be delivered to their children. And as we are taking shots at the advanced epoch of the 21st Century, the education sector has enabled and equipped itself with breathtaking transformations allied with the digital environment.

Gone are those days, where parenting seemed like a battle; and prior to the advent of digital supremacy, the battle-hardened parents of olden eras often failed miserably in raising their kids’ intellect and wisdom or intelligence.

If you are the parent who would love to provide their kids with a superior learning process to diminish the chances of failures, then this piece is just for you.

General Knowledge Encompasses All fields of Education – Futuristic Learning

Most parents believe that general knowledge isn’t as important as Science or Mathematics in school. In fact, teachers from the General Knowledge department also don’t seem to provide ample guidance to their students to master this subject. As a result, an ill-efficient path is laid down that makes students unaware of the vast significance of general knowledge and related information.

Being thrown into such a problematic situation, numerous students grow up with poor general knowledge and information, that otherwise holds immense potential in a better learning process and better career-building opportunities.

Kids, despite having sharp skills in mathematics and science, may end up with a mediocre life because they miss out on the other important aspects of education that come with a sound comprehension of General Knowledge. So, General Knowledge is very important to offer your children/kids multiple opportunities to have an all-around knowledge of the environment.

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What does General Knowledge Include?

General Knowledge or simply GK is, usually, defined as the knowledge of a wide range of information and facts, which may come from a variety of subjects.

Hence, General Knowledge, as a whole, is not only limited to non-science-based fields but may also include facts from a plethora of scientific and technological fields.

A Twitterati explains it fairly that basic general knowledge of “The Atlas” was enough to invigorate Geography and Climate knowledge in him. However, General Knowledge usually includes the following departments or subjects as shown in the table below –

Sl. No. Subjects Particulars
1 Culture Diverse Indian culture and traditions.
2 Economics Budget, Economic process, and issues of India.
3 General Polity Indian Constitution and Administration, Legislative and Judiciary of the nation including politics, and political parties and civic issues of the nation.
4 Geography List of countries and their geographical details, famous landmarks, places, and climate activities, flora and fauna.
5 History Ancient civilisations, Vedic culture, Independence struggle, and Historic events.
7 Business and Startups Business, and startup events and activities.
8 Scientific Research Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology (STEM department)
9 Sports Various sporting activities of India.

NOTE: General Knowledge also includes past and present events, current affairs, and other happening things in the country.

How to Learn General Knowledge? Parenting Advice

General knowledge is required in numerous fields, where they are really meant to test your knowledge strength. A child may either use general knowledge to become a knowledge savant among his friends, or he/she may use them to edge past other competitors in Banking or Government job exams.

5 Easy Ways to Prepare for General Knowledge


  1. Watching TV is definitely one good source to enhance your knowledge level. Watching National Geographic, History, News, and Discovery channels are essential sources of general knowledge. TV can be a good thing for your kid(s) as it offers an audio-visual learning environment, stimulating attention and mind power.
  2. General Knowledge can also be gathered through the vast network of online knowledge platforms like Britannica, and other podcasting and video channels.
  3. Several books like Manorama Year Book and Limca Record Books also serve as an ocean of knowledge from various fields. They also talk extensively about critical information and facts that are highly beneficial for your child’s education and upbringing.
  4. Expose your kids to Quiz Competitions, either offline or online, where they can meet other kids. This helps to enhance memory power.
  5.   You can also explore Real School, an online one-to-one learning platform, which specialises in offering top-notch general knowledge learning courses. They also offer excellent technical (robotics, gaming, and automation) courses for tech-loving parents and kids.

 Top 10 Quiz Questions to Test your Kid’s General Knowledge

With kids flocking to digital devices and apps, the usual production time is often ignored. Because of this, kids may develop an inadequate level of general knowledge; however, it is imperative to push your kids to pursue general knowledge. You may either follow these 5 aforementioned steps, or do it yourself to shower general knowledge on your kids.

If you think your kid(s) is actively pursuing, gathering, and learning new information and facts (general knowledge), then don’t hesitate to test them using the following 10 sharp GK questions.

  1. Who is the current prime minister of India?
  2. How many colours are there in a rainbow? Also, name each of them.
  3. Which fighter plane/jet was recently purchased by Indian Air Force?
  4. Name 3 richest businessmen in India.
  5. Name the biggest animal in the world.
  6. Which is the largest and populous state of India?
  7. What is the difference between an Astrologer and an Astronomer?
  8. Which planet is called the red planet?
  9. Who is Satyajit Ray? And what was he known for?
  10. What is the national game of India?

*These questions are meant for children aged below 15 years.

Conclusion: General Knowledge is an integral part of children’s education system, and skipping it may cause far-reaching chaos in their life and career. The above information represents the importance of general knowledge in the development of your kid’s intellect, wisdom, and intelligence.

If you would like to do more for your kids, then you may enrol for fellowship or boot camp courses launched by top educators and mentors at the Real School. Get ready to see your child soar and achieve the best they are capable of.

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