About Us

Here is a glimpse of our wonderful journey of realising our dream called Real School.

Who we are & how Real School happened

We have always wanted to solve ‘The Real Education Problem’ which was free from the bias of business model, revenue making, market moods. We did not want to scratch the surface by gamifying math and animating science, or sell a tablet full of videos. We wanted to work on the very foundation of what we learn, how we learn and why we learn.

What is the right curriculum that students deserve to become

We thus questioned the thesis of having a curriculum itself, especially the grand old subject based curriculum. And that is when we identified the “real” problem - “Curriculum is a tool to literate a mass population”, which is what it was doing. With Real school we wanted a system that makes a single childthe focus of all aspects of education and then see if we can extrapolate it and make it available to every child.

We, the core team are a bunch of engineers from IITs, IIMs with entrepreneurial experience of running education programs in over 300 schools. Our chemistry goes back more than a decade and in our own capacities we have been experimenting with smart classes, technology, augmented learning, educational toys for over 10 years. About two years ago, we came together and have been working on a new curriculum which is project-based, multi-disciplinary, personalized and moldable. Our research has evolved into a robust, transformational program and for its honesty and relevance to real problems and real world we call it ‘The Real School’

Meet our Mentors

Join the Revolution

We are looking for discussions, and sit-ins with anybody who wants to brainstorm and discuss how we can build an education system worthy of our future generations. Reach out to us whether you are a parent, student, educator or policy maker.