We are D’future

The wormhole to tomorrow

Real School is the newest member among the successful brands of Ufaber Edutech Pvt. Ltd., famous for unique methods of course delivery and personalized training. It seeks to prepare the upcoming generation with the necessary skills and knowledge sets required to face real world challenges in the future. It promises overall growth of a student and to take them away from a life confined to books.

Our Philosophy

Learning process has to be individualistic and personalised, focusing on skill development. This can be solved by 3 pedagogical shifts

Skills over knowledge

Acquire core skills: Thinking, Making, Social, Being

Projects over subjects

Real world multidisciplinary Projects based on problems of present and future

Exhibit over exams

Exhibit your creation or solution to the real world for real evaluation

The Core Team

Is the Real School starting to make sense?

Question, contribute, explore, participate!